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Translation is the process by which the content of a written text is passed to from one language to the other.  Send us your documents for translation in any format (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Word Perfect) and we will forward you a quotation at a fair and competitive price.


The localization is the process by which a translated document is suit to the linguistic and cultural conditions of a certain country.  It implies fitting the terms, expressions and concepts used in the original material to the style and form requirements of the target language.


Editing is one of the key elements in the localization process and is crucial in the achievement of an end product of excellent quality.

Why LGA Traducciones?

Why choosing LGA Traducciones?

We are professionals

At LGA Traducciones, we are professionals in translation, interpretation, languages and/or linguistics, specialized in specific fields.  
Due to its experience and specialization

LGA has professionals with over 10 years of experience in different areas of specialization.  Our experience guarantees true and accurate translations from the original, since our quality is backed up by our academic training in the linguistic aspect and by our experience in specialized fields in the technical aspect. 

Due to its international competitive rates
Having specialized professionals allows us to offer you international competitive rates.  
Quickness and accuracy

We understand the existing market need for fast and accurate translations.  At LGA Traducciones, we guarantee an excellent translation regardless of how quick the client may need it.

- Translation
- Localization
- Editing


- English/Spanish
- Spanish/English
- French/Spanish
- Italian/Spanish
- Portuguese/Spanish

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